Single-agent, Buster Levin, has cracked the code of balancing technology and human interaction to make meaningful connections with his clients. Learn about the tools Buster uses to follow-up with his database by land, air, and sea so that no one gets overlooked. 

Here are some of the things we cover: 

- Staying organized by segmenting your leads based on urgency
- Leveraging workflows to nurture your leads and maximize conversions
- How to drive traffic to your lead gen website
- Understanding the lead conversion times based on lead sources
- How to “make today a masterpiece” by staying focused and setting attainable goals

As mentioned in the video Buster has generously shared some of his tips and strategies in a document here.  

We want to thank Buster and Todd for sharing their knowledge with us and the real estate community! It's important for us now more than ever to band together and support one another through these uncertain times.

Real Geeks Webinar Buster Levin